It all started with the realization that infrastructure inspection techniques need to be modernized…..

Spacept was founded through a startup generator in early 2019 by Sergiu Iliev and Eric Langenskiöld. The founders brought together their years of experience in aerospace engineering, computer science, management, and business to create an idea that had a social and environmental impact. The solution they put together lies at the intersection between infrastructure inspection, climate change management, and disaster relief. With a global reach, Spacept provides crucial insight to reduce damage from climate change.

What’s Happening?

Global warming is increasingly causing extreme weather events, like fires, storms, and floods while current infrastructure inspection methods are slow, costly, polluting and inadequate for demands brought by these extreme weather events.

In 2020 alone, extreme weather events globally caused over 20 billion dollars worth of damage. However, much of this damage could have been mitigated if infrastructure inspection techniques were modernized.

Our Vision

Spacept aims to modernize infrastructure inspection by fusing machine learning techniques and satellite imagery together to provide key insights to infrastructure operators.

Satellite imagery’s benefit over other traditional inspection methods is less costly prices, almost instantaneous data collection, and a larger scale of coverage.

As a result, our solutions radically reduce the time and cost needed for infrastructure inspection, prevent the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, conserve nature, and ultimately save lives in the process.

Our Social Mission

Spacept is a social enterprise dedicated to reinvesting 51% of profits back into its mission in line with the following UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 7, SDG 9, SDG 11, SDG 13, SDG 14, and SDG 15.
Spacept has been selected to take part in the Google for Startups SDG Accelerator Program. Together we take a technical approach towards sustainable development goals utilizing partnerships, social impact measurements, and fundraising.

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