spacept solution

Satellite Imagery Complement for Helicopter and UAV Inspection Methods

Discover the key benefits of integrating Spacept’s satellite + AI solution with UAV & helicopter solutions


Greater Access to Areas

Spacept grants access to places where UAV's cannot fly due to restrictions.

Manage with Convenience and Precision

Operators can thoroughly monitor a whole network of infrastructure to identify zones and their level of risk. These insights are always within arm’s reach and can be observed on or off-site.

Increase Data Collection + Inspection Range

Satellite analysis can encompass the full size of a network very quickly. Coupling satellite with UAVs or helicopters facilitates a greater collection of data at a lower price. It is an excellent complement to these methods.

Deploy Emergency Assistance

An automated analysis allows for quicker reaction times to incidents before they happen. In post-hazard scenarios, satellites are essential for emergency response plans to quickly identify the focal points of disaster.

Improve Time Efficiency

The cost of operations can be optimized towards satellite analysis when hurdles to operate aerial methods arise. There is no time limit for retrieving data and no additional maintenance or operational costs.

Avoid Error

Satellites can bypass common obstacles experienced by UAV and helicopter operators. Issues involving recharge and airtime, damage, streamlining operations, and regulations don’t affect the retrieval of crucial data. Satellite imagery can streamline operations and get around lengthy regulations - ultimately shortening the retrieval of crucial data.

Ensure Privacy

Project locations vary but will oftentimes operate nearby or within communities. UAV perception in these areas is commonly associated with questions of privacy and noise disturbance. Satellite use eases brand stigma as an alternative for local communities.

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