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Our technology streamlines how businesses protect their infrastructure.

Risk prevention through Spacept's computer vision and satellite imagery solution is the most efficient method your business has ever seen.

Vegetation monitoring for electricity infrastructure from space Powerlines data analysis of vegetation monitoring
spacept's value

A solution that enables resilience.

At Spacept, we help utility companies detect risk before the trouble happens.

Spacept utilizes high resolution satellite imagery with custom algorithms to conduct large scale analysis. Specifically, our solution can cover hundreds of miles within seconds. Compared to traditional methods, our technology enables the quickest lead times at the lowest cost.

Ultimately, we offer the best product for your business with respect to time, money, and efficiency.

Our Process

Data Acquisition

Here, we provide businesses with data most suitable to their needs. By using the concerned area’s coordinates, we can collect optical or radar data from our suite of data partners.

AI-Powered Analysis

After processing, we then put the satellite imagery into our custom tailored algorithms to generate results.

Provide Results

Then, we provide these results in the most optimal format that tailors to your business needs.

Miscellaneous Products

Faulty Street Light Detection & Geolocation

Our technology enables us to monitor street lights using night time data. We take images from the night from two dates of the received coordinates and compare those to analyze potential changes. This solution is applicable in urban and rural settings.

Deforestation & Afforestation Tracking

Using our change detector model, we can analyze changes to detect whether trees have been cut or not in a specified parameter.

Oil Spill Detection & Mapping

Using radar satellite imagery, we can detect and map oil spills. Our model is optimal for fast detection and mitigation of oil spills.

Building Detector

Our building detector model provides numerous solutions. In case of natural disasters, we can give immediate damage assessment. The building detector is also useful for the counting of buildings and for monitoring of building landscapes.

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