Our Technology

Customized Approach

Spacept’s technology is suited to the needs and requirements of our clients. We can customize capture rate and analysis frequency, partner with drone service providers, and have the ability to provide results in whatever format the company needs.

Lower Prices

We provide competitive pricing on a number of algorithms. Spacept offers per kilometer inspection or per square kilometer.

High Quality Algorithms

We actively publish in machine learning journals and work with key experts in academia.

Data Source Agnostic

Our technology enables us to use a variety of imagery and capture methodologies, including drone imagery.

Data Partners

Awards Won

Our trailblazing work in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been recognized by Copernicus, the European Space Agency (ESA), Digital Tech 50 (DT50), the Swedish government, Google’s SDGs Startup Accelerator, and Oslo’s Innovation Week.

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Awarded Finalist

Top 3 Finalist

Awarded Finalist

Spacept’s technology has led itself to become one of the most innovative Swedish based AI companies at Futurology and one of the most promising companies impacting the ASEAN energy ecosystem in Initiate’s Future of Energy Start-up Challenge in Asia.