Sterblue Case Study

Samir Belasri Senior Account Executive

Who are Sterblue?

Sterblue implements the central data platform for energy infrastructure inspections (Power lines, wind turbines, cooling towers…)

What gap in Sterblue's offer does Spacept fill?

Spacept allows to add an additional data source allowing to assess asset integrity (Satellite pictures) to assess vegetation encroachment risks.
The vegetation encroachment risks detected by Spacept allow Sterblue to offer to the clients a more comprehensive vision of the risks on their asset integrity by integrating satellite vegetation encroachment analysis with visual/IR imagery collected drone/helicopter/ground inspections.
Hence, partnering Spacept is an additional significative step towards gathering all clients asset integrity data within one unique central data platform to produce comprehensive insights and optimize asset management and maintenance.

What is the process of buying from Spacept like?

The process is simple. We order analysis of the line portions we are hired by our clients to inspect and the results are integrated within the Sterblue data platform to provide results to the final clients.
We are currently discussing a wider partnership with multi-year contract as the inspecting volumes are permanently growing.

How important is sustainability to Sterblue and its customers?

It is a major decision factor which competes with cost optimization and risk reduction.

Have you noticed increasingly extreme weather to be affecting your clients infrastructure?

Several storms affecting Enedis grid in France. Fires in USA and Australia generated increasing interest for vegetation management and we can see it through our prospect inbound and discussions with the clients.

Are Spacept's services best for proactive or reactive inspection?

Our clients use the solution to implement proactive inspections and build long-term tree trimming plans.

Roughly how much time is saved when inspecting 1.000 km of power lines with Spacept compared with aerial?

~80% cost savings but the results are not as precise as Lidar collection methods. Is the Lidar precision needed for the vegetation encroachment assessment? We believe No but client’s opinions may vary.

What role does AI play in predictive maintenance?

We haven’t implemented predictive maintenance so far due to the lack of historical data but looking forward into it.

How does a Spacept partnership work?

Spacept is an impact startup offering AI-automated infrastructure security analysis. By partnering with leading satellite operators such as Airbus; Spacept can provide fast, sustainable and cost effective assessments without owning the hardware. The Spacept partnership with Airbus is trough its subsidiary UP42, the leading platform and marketplace for geospatial data and analytics.