AI-Automated Satellite Image Analysis

Quickly identify risks to infrastructure

Spacept’s satellite image analysis equips inspection and management processes to be time, cost and energy efficient.

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Save time with accurate risk assessments that match project scale.

Optimize and recover expenses with automated inspection.

Reduce emissions through satellite-informed methods.

Vegetation Inspection

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Faulty Light Inspection

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Railway Inspection

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Pipeline Leak Detection

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UAV & Helicopter Assistance

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How much can you save with AI-powered satellite inspection?

Before Spacept’s Technology

Fresh raw imagery is collected from selected area

After Spacept’s Technology

Our algorithms automatically detect critical risks and damage to infrastructure

Partnership Case Study

“The vegetation encroachment risks detected by Spacept allow us to quickly offer our clients a more comprehensive risk assessment of their assets... By using Spacept’s solution, we experience ~80% cost savings!”

Samir BelasriSenior Account Executive
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