AI-powered infrastructure security from space

We fuse satellite images with AI to prevent power outages and fires sparked by falling trees and storms. Our solution saves lives and reduces CO2 emissions while also radically reducing time and cost for infrastructure inspection.

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$ 7

Per Kilometer

< 1.000 km of infrastructure automatically analyzed


$ 6

Per Kilometer

> 1.000 km of infrastructure automatically analyzed

PremiumMost popular

$ 5

Per Kilometer

> 1.000 km yearly of infrastructure analyzed continuously

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Before Machine Learning

Fresh raw footage is collected from selected area to protect

Spacept Technology Applied

Our machine learning engine automatically detects unsafe infrastructure

Global, sustainable, automatic & 77% lower cost

Thanks to our globalized offer we can deliver our infrastructure inspection software analysis anywhere on the planet at a highly attractive price. Email today and give our technology a try.

*The prices are indicative and based on popular offers openly available on the market today.

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